Excuse me, sir.

“You’re his step-mother?”
“No. I’m his mother. He’s my son.”
“And you homeschooled him?”
“No. He went to pre-school and kindergarten in a traditional school.”
“But you’ve been homeschooling him?”
“No. He’s been enrolled in an online public school with teachers, transcripts, a principal.”
“Why did you move him to homeschooling?”
“Our family has a history of dyslexia and he was spending 90% of his school day alone in a room.”
“You have seven children?”
“And you’re expecting another one?”
“Hmm. Wow. I don’t know whether to congratulate you or say I’m sorry.”

He said you had a breakdown.
You started to cry.
You wouldn’t finish the test.
It’s on reading and spelling.
You don’t read or write.
You can’t have help.
You tried and they pushed til you cried.
Embarrassed you.
Go to war.
He’s home.
“How was your day?”
“Did anything happen today?”
“That test. Trick questions.”
“Are you okay?”
“See my airplane?”
Tiny paper airplane.
“When you fold it this way, it flies like this.”
“When you fold it this way, it flies like this.”
Don’t cry.
“I love you.”


11 thoughts on “Excuse me, sir.

  1. Nice first post!

    We got those reactions with our 4 here in Upland. There’s something about young parents with several children that makes people uncomfortable. Gray haired parents give weird stares as they try to determine whether they’re siblings or actually ours. My response, “Don’t worry you don’t have to feed them.”

    • Hey Sandy, what’s happening? Nice blog. We get the same thing with our five. People look at us like we’re freaks because we have more than two kids. My answer is always the same; “we’re working on eventually having enough so we can have our own reality TV show.”

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  3. I really loved this. I can relate to having children who struggle in school. It’s so hard to know what to do, how to help, whom to fight. Best of luck to you on your book, and great start to your blog!

  4. Great writing – as usual. You need to put the story about Joe and the nose hairs on here. People who make rude comments are ignorant and don’t deserve your time. You (and everyone who matters) know how lucky your kiddies are to have you for their mother. And that’s 7 + lucky little ones!


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